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Which had the most far-reaching consequences on American culture: the Enlightenment or the Great Awakening?

.) Which had the most far-reaching consequences on American culture: the Enlightenment or the Great Awakening? Why?

2.) Discuss the background, details, and results of the Boston Massacre.  What role did this conflict have on the impending Revolution?

3.) Describe the Lewis and Clark expedition.  What impact did it have on developing the United States west of the Mississippi River?

4.)  Explain the phrase ‘Manifest Destiny.’  What factors were most important in drawing Americans to the West (both mentally and physically)?

5.)Describe the women’s rights movement in the first half of the nineteenth century.  Did it accomplish its goals?

Essay Question option-

Between 1607-1860, immigrants, women, Native Americans, and African-Americans all struggled for acceptance and equality in American society.  Describe the restrictions faced by each group, how they fought to expand their opportunities, and whether they succeeded.

(One paragraph for each group of people) At least 3 groups of people.

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