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Research has shown that creating a social presence in courses has a tremendous impact on building community. Using a profile picture in Canvas is the first step in creating that social presence and building our classroom community. The second step, is your introduction of yourself. The third and final step for this assignment, is responding and engaging with your classmates. This is a three-part assignment. Pay particular attention to the due dates. Part 1 and 2 of the assignment are due 48 hours before Part 3. Canvas will indicate that the due date for the assignment is Friday at 11:59 PM because that is the due date for the completed assigned with your classmate replies. However, Parts 1 and 2 of the assignment are due 48 hours before–Wednesday at 11:59 PM. I know this may be confusing because the due date for Parts 1 and 2 will not show up on your calendar. This will only happen for this introduction assignment. If you need any help with this assignment or are confused by due dates, please reach out to me. I am happy to talk, email, or do a zoom call to get you through it. You’ve got this! Here we go!


  • Part 1: Upload a profile picture (that’s me above!). Use the following Canvas Student Guide: How do I add a profile picture in my user account as a student?  (Links to an external site.)Please add a professional-looking picture. (It doesn’t have to be professionally taken. You can use your mobile phone or webcam to take the photo. Just remember this is a college business course. :))
  • Part 2:
    • Introduce yourself to your classmates and be sure to include:
      • your name (with preferred pronunciation and/or nickname)
      • years of college to date
      • current work, if any, paid or unpaid (including raising a child/children or other care-taking)
      • why you enrolled in the course
      • what you hope to learn; and
      • any reservations you have about the course
    • Answer the following four (4) questions:
      • What strengths do you bring to the classroom?
      • When do you feel competent?
      • When do you get a chance to be a leader?
      • What or who inspires you?
  • Part 3: Read the introduction posts of at least two (2) students and respond back to their initial posts. You may choose to comment on their answers, offer shared thoughts and feelings, provide general encouragement, etc. Be thoughtful, kind, and encouraging.
    • NOTE: You must post your own introduction before you can see your classmate’s posts.

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