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Creating Your Personal Budget

For this assignment, you will apply what  you have learned  in this unit to a   small business. To get the business’s  finances under control,  you need to     prepare a budget. You may consider items  from your personal finances  and cash    flow to help you identify possible expense  items for the small business      budget. Research the CSU Online Library or the  Internet for steps to creating    a  personal budget.

Monthly expenses might  include rent, utility costs,   personal loans, car     loans, credit cards,  groceries, childcare, vehicle   maintenance costs and     insurance, phone charges,  and cable or streaming costs.   Cash flow     considerations might include monthly  salaries, commissions, and   allowances.

You can use any budget format that you  are comfortable  with, or  you may     select a free template. Your budget should be  completed using  Excel.  Once    you  have completed your budget, in a separate Word  document, address  the     information below.

  • How can the use of the budget be used in the planning process?
  • How can this financial information influence short-term and long-term              decisions?
  • Based on your personal budget, what are your static expenses? What are              your flexible expenses?
  • As an accountant, reflect on how you can use what you have learned in this              activity in the workplace.

Your  submission should include one Excel document, which  contains your     budget, and  a  one-page Word document, which contains your  responses to the     prompts above.  You  should include at least two resources to  support your     responses. Adhere to  APA  Style when creating citations and  references for     this  assignment.

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