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[SOLVED] Explain how you find the reciprocal of a fraction.

[SOLVED] Explain how you find the reciprocal of a fraction.. MUST SHOW WORK

72. Music Measures A choreographed dance is broken into counts. A 1 1 count has one step in a count, a 1 2 count has two steps in a count and a 1 3 count has three steps in a count. How many steps would be in a 1 5 count? What type of count has four steps in it?

73. Music Measures Fractions are used often in music. In 4 4 time, there are four quarter notes in one measure. ⓐ How many measures would eight quarter notes make? ⓑ The song “Happy Birthday to You” has 25 quarter notes. How many measures are there in “Happy Birthday to You?”

74. Baking Nina is making five pans of fudge to serve after a music recital. For each pan, she needs 1 2 cup of walnuts. ⓐ How many cups of walnuts does she need for five pans of fudge? ⓑ Do you think it is easier to measure this amount when you use an improper fraction or a mixed number? Why? Chapter 4 Fractions 295 Writing Exercises

75. Give an example from your life experience (outside of school) where it was important to understand fractions.

76. Explain how you locate the improper fraction 21 4 on a number line on which only the whole numbers from 0 through 10 are marked.

168. Baking A recipe for chocolate chip cookies calls for 3 4 cup brown sugar. Imelda wants to double the recipe. ⓐ How much brown sugar will Imelda need? Show your calculation. Write your result as an improper fraction and as a mixed number. ⓑ Measuring cups usually come in sets of 1 8 , 1 4 , 1 3 , 1 2 , and 1 cup. Draw a diagram to show two different ways that Imelda could measure the brown sugar needed to double the recipe.

169. Baking Nina is making 4 pans of fudge to serve after a music recital. For each pan, she needs 2 3 cup of condensed milk. ⓐ How much condensed milk will Nina need? Show your calculation. Write your result as an improper fraction and as a mixed number. ⓑ Measuring cups usually come in sets of 1 8 , 1 4 , 1 3 , 1 2 , and 1 cup. Draw a diagram to show two different ways that Nina could measure the condensed milk she needs.

170. Portions Don purchased a bulk package of candy that weighs 5 pounds. He wants to sell the candy in little bags that hold 1 4 pound. How many little bags of candy can he fill from the bulk package?

171. Portions Kristen has 3 4 yards of ribbon. She wants to cut it into equal parts to make hair ribbons for her daughter’s 6 dolls. How long will each doll’s hair ribbon be?

172. Explain how you find the reciprocal of a fraction.

173. Explain how you find the reciprocal of a negative fraction.

174. Rafael wanted to order half a medium pizza at a restaurant. The waiter told him that a medium pizza could be cut into 6 or 8 slices. Would he prefer 3 out of 6 slices or 4 out of 8 slices? Rafael replied that since he wasn’t very hungry, he would prefer 3 out of 6 slices. Explain what is wrong with Rafael’s reasoning.

175. Give an example from everyday life that demonstrates how 1 2 · 2 3 is 1 3

[SOLVED] Explain how you find the reciprocal of a fraction.

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